Lazy Dog

Most dogs jump will glee when it’s time to go for a walk. But occasionally you might find you’ve acquired a dog who would rather stay on the couch catching some zzz’s. What can you do to help your lazy dog enjoy his walks?

First, try to figure out why he doesn’t like his walks.


An older dog might suffer from arthritis and joint pain.

Dog Doesn't Want to Walk

To help him enjoy walks more you might:

  • Slow down. Let him walk at his own leisurely pace.
  • Give him an anti-inflammatory thirty minutes before walking
  • Walk on sunny days and stay home on the cold, rainy days. Let him use the backyard to do his business and skip the walk. Or at least shorten the walks on those unpleasant days.
  • Second, maybe your dog is over-weight which makes walking unpleasant.

This is a catch-22 because to lose the weight your dog needs to walk more, but walking is harder for him so he doesn’t want to! Sounds like many people. Adjust his diet has your vet recommends to help him drop the extra pounds.

Again, walk slower until your dog gets used to regular walks and then slowly pick up the pace as he starts to drop the weight.

What if your dog is really just lazy?

Take a few treats for incentive and reward him along the way.

Let him stop and smell the roses or the fire hydrants. He’ll look forward to a leisurely stroll more than a quick race.

Mix Things Up

Instead of your usual walk around the block try someplace new.

Try walking someplace fun like a local park.

Go to the beach or a nearby lake.

Walk downtown. Some dogs will hate the hustle and bustle and others will love it.

Some dogs enjoy walking with other dogs. Find a friend who also walks their dog and make the walk a play date. Give the dogs a chance to run and play after the walk.

Don’t Get Upset

If you tug on your dog to hurry him up or yell at him, it will only convince him that walks are a terrible thing to be avoided at all costs. Be firm, but always kind. You need to help him learn that walks are fun and your anger will never do that.

Take Breaks

Stop and play a game of fetch or Frisbee.

Sweet Endings

Make the after walk time special. Give him a treat and spend a few minutes rubbing his tummy. He’ll know that walks end with some enjoyable time with the person he loves most in the world.

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