For humans who are interested in adopting a dog but are anxious at the mere thought of giving regular daily walks, well, look no further!

Nala is a large, lazy shelter dog who prefers to lay on any flat surface rather than to run around and chase balls.


Before being rescued off outside a factory somewhere in Greece, Nala used to be a whole lot skinnier. Although she had some patchwork fur surrounding her head making her look like a lion, a lot of her hair was missing.

With ears chopped off by mean, cruel people, and strangers thinking that Nala had something contagious, the treatment Nala needed was pushed further because of their fear and disgust.

It is true what the saying, “Never judge a book by the cover,” says because as it turned out when Save A Greek Stray went to pick her up for a proper examination, the only issue that Nala had is her thyroid problem.

After getting the medications needed, Nala's thick coat grew right back in, was finally able to put on some weight after being given a chance to do so, and became the heavy giant that she was always meant to be.

And now that she is in her best shape, Nala is looking for her furrever home – not just any home but a home that will appreciate her laidback disposition.

With Nala preferring to be on the floor all the time as opposed to being out and about, chasing balls and squirrels, constant belly rubs and cuddles are her thing.

For those who have the same level of energy that this dog has, Nala is an excellent fur-niture addition, or a pet, rather, to your home.

If petting has come to a halt, be prepared to be poked like a bear because Nala is out to get you to pet her 24/7.

Source: A Dog Blog

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