Cathleen is a gentle and loving dog. From her puppy years, she spent her life with a doting family in Prague, Oklahoma. Unfortunately, the circumstances of Cathleen's human pack changed, and they could no longer take care of the dog.

The family looked for another dog aficionado to adopt Cathleen. They found a willing household some 20 miles (32.19 km) away from their address. Just like that Cathleen found herself in a strange place.


Cathleen could not understand the abrupt change. She could not grasp the idea of a new home and a new family. What she did next was nothing short of sweet and admirable.

old home

Cathleen walked all the way to his previous home. An animal control officer saw Cathleen loitering around her old neighborhood. She was obviously looking for something.

Since her old family could not take her back, Cathleen was returned to his new home. But she could not be deterred. A few days after her first escape, she did it again.

The animal rescue team who spotted Cathleen the second time she had escaped thought of a solution. They reckoned that it would be best for the dog if she lived far from her old home. Basically, 20 miles (32.19 km) are not enough to make Cathleen's spirits waver in her hopes of reuniting with her previous family.

old home

Vets examined Cathleen. The animal rescue team and Cathleen's new family agreed on the new terms regarding the dog's future. Everyone was in agreement.

Cathleen was once again put for adoption. It did not take long before applicants came rolling in thanks to a local news feature about the loyal dog. The family that won Cathleen live in Texas.

In Texas, Cathleen will have four canine siblings and lots of area to roam around. She will be looked after by a loving and loyal family who promised to never abandon her. All's well that ends well.

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